How many Google Voice numbers can I have?

How many Google Voice numbers can I have?

Before you start signing up for a Google Voice account, you must know some hacks about it. One of the things that most of us miss is knowing how many voice numbers we can have attached to it.

The answer is as simple as that and you can have one number at a time. Google will not accept multiple numbers at once, which you are not even able to edit.

Google has done this because of voice transparency, and it’s fairly straightforward to have a single number when verifying. That’s why Google Voice will only send a six-digit verification code to that single number.

Once your verification process is complete, you will only be assigned a voice number with Google Voice. There is no way to comply with these terms.

However, you can add cloud-based numbers instead of your original number. That being said, it’s best to add any virtual number if you don’t want to keep one of your real numbers.

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To perform this, you need to have all the details covering the ownership of that profile. The same thing happens with your mobile phone number. A text SMS or direct call will pop up on your mobile screen where you need to fetch it and then verify it.

Generally, you have only one option left to include a number. But if you want to hack the system, you can try it. In the process, you need to be a smart person who is told to change the ISP, your personal geo-location, and your IP address.

You can do this by hiding your IP address, however, if Google ever finds it, you’ll lose your number. So if you dare to face it, you can try it.

To do this, you need a tool called Proxifier. This tool will allow you to change your residential proxy. To perform this, you need to use it. However, there are many tools out there and you can use any one of them.


In addition to these tools, you’ll also need to use a Firefox browser. If you do not have one, make sure you have downloaded this browser and set it up first

Now try another tool called CCleaner. Its job is to constantly clean your PC. Also, it ensures your privacy and does not allow any provided information to be leaked to any other provider. This is why you will be completely safe from cookies.

In the final analysis, you will need to have a non-VoIP mobile phone number and this will halve your work. Give your Mac a hand now that you’ve finished with all the sophisticated tools available. This means you now need to configure the address bar. To do this, you need to type: config and press Enter.

Okay, there’s a risk to doing this and so you need to make sure you’re going to take that kind of risk by clicking “I take the risk”

Now you are at the end of the final process, and your PC will automatically boot and reboot many choices that provide a fake address and a fake new number. That being said, the whole process will fool Google Voice and that’s how you get another number.


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