What is a Google Voice Verification Code?

What is a Google Voice Verification Code?

Accepting the verification code and connecting to Google Voice is no way to avoid registering your new account. This is the first and foremost part of getting started with a Google Voice account.

Google wants to know the verified number you’re associating with your preferred phone number. With this in mind, you will have to go through the following process.

Activate your Google Account or if you already have one, OK

Using the account, you visit the Google Voice website.

Now you need to attach the number

Google Voice will send a verification code once you verify your number

Let me tell you more about this before you confirm the number. However, if you have trouble creating a bulk Google Voice account, this will be a different scenario.

Many of us don’t even know the simple hacks of opening a Google Voice account or signing up by following a few simple steps.

The first thing comes first and these are warnings for you. The first caveat is the limitation on signing up for a single Google Voice account in conjunction with your existing unique phone number.

That being said, if you want to associate multiple numbers with a single account, there is no way to do that. So keep in mind that you can only assign a phone number with the desired voice account.

The third thing will really surprise you. If you do not want to add your existing mobile phone number, you can add any virtual number instead. The virtual number means any online calling method.

For example, you skip one of your phone numbers but you have a Skype number, which is another calling software. So here you can give details of skype account number. Later, Google’s voice will verify that your Skype is yours.

Here’s why Google Voice will send you a code that you need to get from your Skype ID. Once you tap on the Skype software, you will see a code that has been sent to you. Now either copy the number by selecting the copy option or just memorize the 6 numbers and go back to the Google Voice website and verify it.


Note: Since you know how to get a verification code, now you know exactly what a Google Voice account is. Congratulations!


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