Why is it important for your business to use a Google Voice account?

Why is it important for your business to use a Google Voice account?

Google Voice is a voice communication service offered by Google that allows its users to communicate with the Internet from anywhere in the world. If you are a Google Voice user, you can enjoy a phone number and all the features of a google voice account that can make your communication process useful on your mobile device.

Access is as easy as registering or downloading a free account After that, you will be able to specify your phone number and it will allow you to make free or low-cost phone calls. For business purposes, you may need a bulk google voice account to manage your business.

Google Voice for Business integrates voice and video calls into Google Hangouts, as well as other communication methods within the Google family, including Gmail and chat email.

Google Voice offers free calls in the United States and Canada, and low phone call rates for international calls.

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Voice account


Google Voice for Business offers free features and capabilities charged by many other VoIP providers.

The free solution is also easy to use and portable.

Google Voice integrates with many CRM solutions that make your business communication easier.

You will be able to manage your group calls via email forwarding calls and voicemail forwarding.

Free calls at competitive international calling rates between the United States and Canada


Limited support for users with documents and self-help forums only, so stay tuned for technical support and answers

Call quality may vary depending on your device and location

Google Voice phone numbers are often reused and may not be able to get the exact number or code for the region you want.

The phone stopped playing, and there was a slight delay in making the call within hours of receiving the voicemail

To make/receive calls and use the features, you must log in to your Google Account or run the app on your mobile device.

Key features of Google Voice for Business

A Google Voice account provides many advanced features for its users. Here are some key features of a Google Voice account:

Voicemail in email transcription

If you want to manage all your business communications in one place, Google Voice features will surprise you. When the caller leaves a voice message, a copy of the message is sent to a specific email address. As a result, some members of your team can handle it. This feature can be very useful if you work with a dispersal group, keeping all your emails and voicemail in one place.

Call forwarding

If you talk about the most used function of the Google Voice account then its call forwarding option will come up. This feature allows you to handle a large number of calls, including the ability to list business numbers. In addition, transfers are made quickly and efficiently after receiving calls from your team members.

Local area code

When you set up a Google Voice account, you’ll be able to create or choose your own phone number.

These options are updated regularly. However, not all field codes are always available. You may be able to translate your company’s region code or your original service translator or your expectations

Call screening and privacy

By creating a separate business phone number, Google Voice for Business lets you protect your privacy, and this is a great feature of Google Voice. You can view this phone number online to promote customer service or calls without having to worry about disclosing your personal contact number.

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