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Bank Statement Copy

Photo ID Provided

Fully Verified With Documents

Personal & Business Accounts

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30 Days Replacement

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Buy Verified Paysera Accounts

Buy a Verified Paysera account from us and get started.

-Verification document

-You have to have yours

–ID card or

–Passport with you

–You can use your electronic signature instead of your ID document to verify your identity.

Paysera State Data Protection Inspectorate Registry www. (registration code P3127). Client data is processed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal laws, as well as the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

The Paysera debit card can be ordered by 16-year-olds who are registered and marked on the Paysera system. Before ordering a card, make sure that your account balance is sufficient to cover card order and delivery costs. The order fee is Euro Debit. If you have funds in other currencies in your account, the debited amount will be automatically converted to Euro. If a card is ordered for business use, please indicate the username (email address or phone number) of the person who is going to use the card. Up to 5 debit cards can be issued to one person.

Deposit or withdrawal funds

The main currency of the Paysera payment card is Euro, therefore, all activities are performed in Euros, and funds are also debited in Euros. If you keep money and pay in non-euro currency, the funds are automatically converted to the original currency – the euro. When withdrawing money in euros at ATMs, you should select “Proceed without conversion” to avoid additional charges for currency conversion. With a Paysera payment card you can withdraw and withdraw money in non-euro currency, however, please note that there will be additional charges for currency conversion.

You can add funds to your Paysera account from any bank in the world or by cashing into Paysera Partner POS. After logging in to your Paysera account and selecting “Add Fund”, you’ll be able to choose an account top-up method and get detailed instructions for refilling the account.

You can link your card with PayPal or other Visa card recipients.

Using Paysera

You can use the mobile app to pay at various POSs, from petrol stations to restaurants. Payment is made by confirming the purchase by scanning a QR code or checking in.

Buy Paysera a fully verified account.

Paysera verified account you can buy from me. Yes, you can buy Top Crypto Exchange Accounts Here!

This Paysera account has been fully verified using Russian documents.

What you get:

Email + Password from Paysera;

Email to email + password;

Document scan;


!!! Note: When you log in there for the first time, you have to enter the SMS code. So be ready to contact me for an SMS code! Then you can change that phone # to your phone or enable 2FA.

Don’t buy it if you don’t know how to use it!

If you have a problem logging in for the first time and I can’t fix it, the full amount of the order will be refunded or replaced based on your request.

No refund will be given except in the above circumstances.

Who needs to buy a Verified Paysera account?

Paysera is actually more of a virtual bank. It comes with a wide range of services to support anyone looking to make a transaction. The great thing about Paysera is that Virtual Banks can provide convenient, fast, and reliable transactions. The world is growing fast for e-commerce.

So, online shops are reforming the payment process and trying to secure them. Even freelancers will want to get a proper payment method. And who is serving the pacers?

  • Online store
  • E-commerce business
  • Freelancer
  • Local business
  • Brand
  • Cross border transactions

Why buy a verified Paysera account from a verified account?

Paysera just changed the whole mobile banking system. It comes with fast payment transactions without any delay. Not to mention, Paysera transactions Paysera transactions are free. As the days go by, Paysera features continue to improve and there are many security options available with Paysera.

But without a verified Paysera account you will not be able to access such benefits. Some parts of the world do not offer Paysera verification. So, in order to use the account, people have no choice but to purchase a verified Paysera account.

Unless you can buy fully verified accounts, you can do business anywhere in the world. We can help you with such promises. With Verified Account, we have every advantage to ensure that you get a reliable Paysera account.

We can help them with an authentic Paysera account whenever they want. But why rely on us for orders? The reason is here –

We provide a verified Paysera account

Just like we said, we will provide a verified Paysera account for you. We can offer you a verified account depending on the region. So, you don’t have to worry about finding an authentic account.

Our Paysera accounts are authentic

We will offer you an authentic Paysera account. We offer you authentic accounts that you can use without any problems.

Our accounts are not stolen

Well, our account is not stolen in any way. Yes, many verified account vendors provide users with stolen accounts. Stolen accounts can affect your business and leave you in disarray. But we provide actual documents and you can use any name. Verified accounts will help you with the authentication program.

How does our order work?

The verified account starts by taking your order. We have a ready Paysera account for you. When you place an order, we begin to prepare your account. Usually, it takes a short time to verify a Paysera account. OK, it will take us an hour or two to provide your verified Paysera account with the documents.

We have offers for our users. Basically, freelancers get the best deals. We also offer a special discount if you order a large number of accounts. Not only that, freelancers are also getting special offers.

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